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Welcome to the Members Page

As a Member of Mad Hatter Music Inc. !  We welcome your support to BUILD PEOPLE, w/MUSIC,  lift and build humanity by . Developing a , Mindset of Healing with Music  ! 

As a Member of Mad Hatter Music You are making the world a better place! Music has been a bedrock in human development and healing for thousands of years. By supporting our work to support conscientious  and wellness minded artists something missing from our main stream.  

Membership   Benefits- Discount tickets to many of our big themed concerts,  Exclusive access to jam sessions and music release parties of supported artists. Exclusive member only by invite parties/ concerts celebrating the success of our work. 

Listeners: You form the foundation of our work. By sharing and listening to artists who have turned pain into healing, purpose and understanding 

you help us perform our purpose in highlighting the right kind of music to lead us conscientiously into the realms of healing our hurts. A small donation of $10 per year gets you seek peeks at new music from participating artists. Discounts on events and access to exclusive content. By upping that to $10 per month you will get so much more opportunity to connect with the artists that impact you for positive. 

Artists: I have seen too many artists spin their wheels in trying to build a social media profile only to realize that, that was all their membership in these promised PR opportunities only to spend money to have their professional critique your songs... With a simple once a year donation of $20 you will have auditions and find potential for performance opportunities to help benefit your community and potentially grow your fanbase... Win free memberships for life  if successfully selected and placed in one of our exclusive compilation albums. 


Corporate Giving: get Logo placement at events as a listed support for Mad Hatter Music Inc. Recognition for the direct impact your donations will/ has had in making your community and the world a better place. 



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Healing the Child Within

Album 22 was an organic project of coming together. Drawing from the success of  Album22 and wanting to lay some of the foundation work for discovering purpose in life, Album22+ was born. Healing your pains challenging the negative self talk from your youth is often a prerequisite for truly discovering our purpose in life !

Mira Raven

Mad Hatter Music Inc. aims to be on your contact list. Accordingly, we will not share your information beyond our direct programs and sponsored opportunities. Please expect limited contact from us (Maybe once or twice a month) to keep you in the loop of what we have going on and of the opportunities that are heading your way.  

For the last four plus years Mad Hatter Music shared artists we discovered and whose music we believed in. Incorporating into a 501c3 forced a change in how we can link to others. It may take a bit of time but if we believed in your music in the past please join with us and be part of our future. And if we have missed discovering the healing power in your music join with us ! Even if money is not a tool in your bag your participation in our projects grants you membership as well!

Membership requirements: Members share their affiliation with Mad Hatter Music with others. Members use music to heal and help others heal. Members are members via affiliation and participation in our content, programs and/ or monetary support. Above the listed members is an area for our Corporate and individual sponsors who have given above and beyond to bring our efforts to the masses. Some of our members prefer to be recognized as members only despite also having given above and beyond as well.  Your membership, participation and continued support helps us keep the lights on and  allows us to open performance opportunities and a publicly shared spotlight for our members!

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