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Welcome to Mad Hatter Music  WE BUILD PEOPLE, WITH MUSIC We have a mission to lift and build humanity by supporting and lifting the artists and musicians who help shape our world.

 We share tools that: heal, bring understanding for mental health issues and awareness for suicide prevention, by spotlighting artists who share our vision. Together lets end stigma, build understanding and save lives ! We are changing the world ! Be a part of this change. Discover the music and art that builds and share it.

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We have a mission to lift and build humanity by supporting and lifting the artists and musicians who help shape our world!

For Artists

New Music

Summer Watson, Shimmer Johnson Suzi Kory- Have amazing new singles ! 

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

In Crisis call 1-800-273 -8255  or text Talk to 741741


U.S. Military Veterans have another option with #opshellshock on fb

Our friend "Shaadie" is featured on this track by Tristan Cole. All about preventing suicide.   Or our friend Jane Couva shared her video Arise that speaks to the same issue.

Ricky Byrd- Recovery Advocate, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer-  From his newest release, Sobering Times-

In addition to being an inspiring musical artist who cares about building people, Luna Keller cares about building other independent music professionals 

Why Doesn't Everyone Know These Songs (radio show) hosted by Luna Keller

VRadioNashville- Features indie rock, pop, country music from up and coming artists from around the globe, helping artists launch their music

VRadio Nashville

 Janell - I LOVE your message. I've had passive suicidal ideation for almost 10 years. Music is my love language. Let's help to end the negative stigma of mental illness!!!!

Susan O Quinn

Personal Acumen Blog

MHC with Sarah

Himanshu Speaks

Mental Health and Music

Learn More

It is widely known that music can help impact mental health the articles here offer more insight into just how impactful it can be. 


White Owl

Kristy Joy Smith

Alex Boye'

Larkin Poe

Danielle Taylor

Luna Keller

Claire Marie

Michelle Titian

Suzi Kory

Echo Wants her Voice Back

Korpus Kristy

Carla Conrad


Shimmer Johnson

Amanda  Shaw

Lisa Landucci

Wolfe Glass

Ailine Mayne

Suzanne Gladstone

Wendy Martin

Caelia Adams

Andrea Dee

Crystal Casey- All proceeds of the Bandcamp sale of this EP are donated to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. 

Crystal Casey

Lisa Warren

Savanna Q

Cheryl  B. Englelhardt

Sophia Fleming

Ylva & Linda Twinflame

Country/New Country

Trace Adkins

Jennie Angel

Juke Johnson

Cherish Nunnally

Morgan Riley

Samantha Ann


Asha Ashley Smith

Joey Herd

Maleea Williams

Tiona Campbell

Neon Summer

Ashley McKay

Belle and The Band

Rock/ Alternative

Last of the Misfit Heroes

New Management

Noir Dream


Mikalya King



Christian Smith

A War Within

Bob Dee

Bona Head

Ainsley  McGray

Follow No One

Self Worth

Tom Storms

Strong Woman

Grief and Loss​

Kurt Corsair

Annette Heffernan

Portland, OR Local Music

Mad Hatter Music selects artists who share our vision. Find amazing musical talent here


Rachel Risor


Tessa Devoe - an amazing local PDX area Artist. find her links and space on our site here


Barbie The Welder- her passion to inspire others through her work as an artist is inspiring. 

Barbie The Welder

Stacey Wells-  Stacey is an inconographic artist who uses popular iconic images in her art to inspire the viewer with the story behind the imagery. 

Stacey Wells

Dena Ackerman- Dena is a talented sketch artist who uses her art to uplift and inspire. 

Dena Ackerman

Sandy Maddalino-  Sandy is an abstract artist who uses acrylics  and sharp lines in blended color. 

Sandy Maddalino


Louise Browne

Jeanique Fourie


Dj Galactic

Connie D'Maria

Lalla Khira

Terry Jee

Instrumental Rock

Adrian Weiss

Dean Guitars 

Rap / Hip Hop




No Feelinz


Stands for Growing Out Of Darkness. To challenge the world to remove the fear and uncertainty that surrounds mental health. Give presentations that span the spectrum of prevention to postvention. Building support systems based on developing healthier conversations. Through providing a real life understanding of mental health and how to support it.

Linda Pacha, has compiled this amazing book,. it details some of her personal journey dealing with suicide as well as the many resources and inspirations she has found along the way. All proceeds benefit

Global Artists

Penny Whispers

Rod Fritz

Gloria Singers

Gideon Greer

Summer  Watson


Tamara Medici

Alisa Katroshi

Arash Adelpour

Irene Gomez

Dmitriy Ageiev

Ludamila Santini

Barbara Zalazink Matos

Liliana Aiera

Annabel Bennett

Melón Jiménez

Linda D'

Samantha Sapienza

Giada Bastoni

Lana Mann

Gia Gallagher

Emilija Minic

Cat Elliott

Anna Demis

Jazz / Blues/R&B

Jessica Lee

Mercedes Nicole

Dr Dave

Joanie Joanie

Michael Asquith

Amy Swift

Harmony Devoe

Lanee Heartsong


Helene Matalon

CD Thompson 7 Company

Sandi Milne

Levi Perry


Shelley Anne

PG Gift Buhman

Wisdom Entertainment

 -Glenda Benevides - 

Another talented artist reaching out to lift and build others. 


Our friend Brian Otieno Owino teaches Dance to uplift and inspire. Please come see his Motivated Mindset Dancers


Joshua Coker

#Shine Again - Meredith Blis

Has her own mental health outreach. 


Global artists who Support Mad Hatter Music

Like International Opera Star Alisa Katroshi or Guitarist

Miguel Jimenez , Shimmer Johnson, Or Session Drumer Carl Holz w/Swilly

Mental Health Understanding​

Learn More

What do you know about  mental health ? The articles here offer more insight. 


Lora Stanley and Carl Monterone

Pasha Black

Brian Sonneman

Donny Brooks

Sierra Marie

Sophia Stutchbury

Anthony & Zsuzi

More Music

Mad Hatter Music selects artists who share our vision. Find amazing musical talent here

Sophia Diaz

Rachel Walker Trio

Carlos Wilde

Dwan Bosman

Amy Swift

Summer Watson


Mel Mayhem

Mia Muze

Ryan Soanes

Jon Luna

Celia  Stavri


Anna Demis

Asiya Korepanova

Julia Cunningham

Lydia Marie Bader

Alessio Colombini

Danica Dujakovic

Susana Gomez Vasquez

Amy Scurria

Serena Della Monica

Lavinia Beni

Aleksandra Mikulska

Wayne Westly Johnson


Dilek Redzep

julie Sevilla Fraysse

Denise Young

Shelly Ezra

Angela Tursi

Cesco D'Andrea

Julien Monette

Ed  Hartman

Thumper & Gen 1

Georgios Marinakis

 Billyboy the Jamaican Cowboy

 and his original blend of reggae and country

be sure to ask about "Change the world"  or "I get caught -up"

Free song or two

Augusto Gentili,​  - Suspended Land Art Project


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