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  Music Healing Many 

Globally working to harness the power of music to build community, support wellness and prevent suicide. WITH FREE CONCERTS, subscription free playlists, and free gear...  in a world where tickets cost an arm and a leg and every music outlet wants your resources, we have community festivals with top quality performing acts that you want to see. We partner with only the best sponsors who come with integrity to support you! 


WHAT WE DO : Building communities with Music: We share Music and tools that: aid in healing, bring understanding for mental, spiritual and emotional health and prevent suicide, by spotlighting artists who share our vision and mission. We are globally bringing together conscious artists to raise support and awareness for local impactful providers, charities and alternative healing modalities.   

WHAT WE'VE DONE: is our first second and most far reaching projects thus far.... In July of 2023 we hosted the 4th of July celebration in Duchesne Ut We used that opportunity to launch a small tour involving that performance. 



Music Healing Many- Inaugural festival kicking off soon in Kalama Washington 7th September, 2024 !

If you are a Charity that would like to participate/ benefit from the work we do at Mad Hatter Music Inc. Please contact us. If you run a facility or organization that could benefit from one of our presentations please contact us. For sponsorship and booth information please contact us at 

We believe that everyone deserves access to the healing benefits of music regardless of their circumstances. Through our free music programs and initiatives, we aim to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals can find solace, inspiration, and strength on their journey towards mental wellness. By fostering creativity, connection, and community through music, we strive to empower individuals to overcome challenges, cultivate resilience, and thrive emotionally and mentally.

Healing the Child Within


Album 22 was an organic project of coming together. Drawing from the success of  Album22 and wanting to lay some of the foundation work for discovering purpose in life, Album22+ was born. Healing your pains challenging the negative self talk from your youth is often a prerequisite for truly discovering our purpose in life !

New Venue

Our new location and newest venue opening is

412 South Pacific Ave.


Washinton, 98626 

Open 6/14/2024


We lift and build humanity by  sharing Music, as well as the artists and musicians who help shape our world!

Music Heals m​eet Monika Paul

Monika Paul

Empirical doctor, homeopath and MT. Founder and teacher of the Musicoterapia con l’arpa with 112 strings method into 432 Hz

Born in Germany. Monika uses a Bed with a built in harp tuned to 432 Hz  to treat patients of all kinds.


Learn about music Therapy


In Crisis call 1-800-273 -8255  or text Talk to 741741

VRadioNashville- Features indie rock, pop, country music from up and coming artists from around the globe, helping artists launch their music

 Janell - I LOVE your message. I've had passive suicidal ideation for almost 10 years. Music is my love language. Let's help to end the negative stigma of mental illness!!!!


Mental Health Understanding​

What do you know about  mental health ? The articles here offer more insight. 

Augusto Gentili,​  - Suspended Land Art Project

ABOUT- Mad Hatter Music Inc. Started with the intention to link artists on a mission for healing, mental wellness and suicide prevention. We have grown to be so much more while holding on to our core values. 


Mental Health and Music

It is widely known that music can help impact mental health the articles here offer more insight into just how impactful it can be. 

Social Media can be addicting:  attached to this link is an article about the dangers of social media addiction in youth. 

Addiction Treatment can incorporate music therapy: Music Therapy and Addiction Treatment | The Recovery Village Palm Beach (

Mad Hatter Music Inc. Is a Utah headquartered charity seeking ambassadors and coordinators to help open field offices near you and build your community with the power of music to benefit local boots on the ground charities.   We are a fully accredited 501c3 Non-Profit.  Mad Hatter Music Inc. thanks you for your continued support and shares and hopes to work with you to build your community. If you are a chairity or know of a charity that could use the support of some great musicians to aid in fundraising please let us know. 

Modern Architecture

Three areas of support

1. Endorse us ( share button ) !  We share qualified instrumental or relevant to our focus areas. 

2. Endorse us , and invite speakers from related fields to address your audiences between performers at venues. (If your music has little to do with the cause but you still want to do something, this is an easy option)

3. The goal is to collect in whole or in part a one time venues fees as a charitable donation for boots on the ground charities that work in supportive rolls for our focus areas.  If you want help reaching any of these goals we welcome your contact. 

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