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Music Healing Many

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Started as a Portland, OR ( Kelso WA) area outreach supporting mental wellness with local music quickly garnered international attention. Linking indie and small label artists with resources to support mental health, prevent suicide and cross promote like minded artists. 

Artist Workshops was the first project of Mad Hatter Music Inc.  Artists from around the world met in zoom meetings during the pandemic to coordinate a compilation album.  Then again  the next year themed towards healing. Artists we have worked with have achieved amazing success including millions of plays on Spotify and billions of streams on Youtube.  The biggest success is the creation of purposeful, conscious and impactfully healing music.   

Membership = Access

Join the Madness: as a listener, donate $10 preferably as often as you can comfortably do so,  we ask minimally once each year. 

As an artist we ask that you donate $50 each year. 

Many artists have found benefit in sharing their music in conjunction with like minded artists and this cross-promotion builds all who participate. 

Our Clients

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