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Don’t Go There -

Music & lyrics by: Michael Curtis & Linda Davis

Verse 1

She was picturesque

Surrounded by family, love and happiness

but blinded, she couldn’t see those things

and angel meant to fly, went and clipped her wings


Don’t go there...No, not that far

God will come and bring you home right where you are

Just reach out...You’re not alone

There’s nothing that you’ve done that you can’t come back home

When you hear those demons call you in the midst of your despair

Don’t go there

Verse 2

He was a soldier...a decorated vet

Who couldn’t get past the wounds of war and his regrets

He left us here way before his time

And the child left to wondered why daddy crossed that line



Together 50 she’s gone

He’s lost his love, his will and carry on

But someone up above was listening when he prayed

at the point of no return, he heard a sweet voice say...

Don’t go there!

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By William Wade

Taking up myself from bondage.

Unshackle my out look. Taste the blood that this struggle bore.

Turn the page in this book. Behind my eyes a new reflection.

The spectrum of my life's work. Seeing the old pass by me.

The victories I've aligned. Not a permanent prisoner.

I see myself as a survivor.

The memories that haunt

me are things that are done and dealt with. I know they seem so scary but when I seek my good times. They've felt so empty.

My heart rejoices in ecstacy. So you cant break me down or bind me up. My willpower will always be enough.

So no matter the bruises you've put on me I'll fight for what is mine.


By William Wade

Let's see the race of my mind when they want to fall.

I see the end of the world and there's other times it comes up with oppression: I've already recalled.

Petals fly off in space like my mood when I'm forced To feel this way, calm myself with something I want to think of that day.

Wash my face and try to scrub the pain.

A wishing well can be dark at times. But when Alice fell in a hole. I knew I could too.

My own wonderland to feel as I should.

It's all in our heads don't take it lightly.

All I need is some help to see the color of the world. It's up to me to explore the lights of truth.


By William Wade

Out of the mirror

You shed some tears

Described your pain

Lonely and hurt

From times in the pouring rain

Away from me

Feelings swell for Another moment to ease the pain

I take your mind to another world

I hear the whispers in your heart talking to mine

When we fall forward Into love's hands

Gaze into the reflection Of your eyes

My sights is on a tone

You can tell me Do you see what I see

Light shines outside

How I see the road

That ends chaos It makes it easier To process

I want more and More.

Don't want another Love

only yours

My sights is on a tone

You can tell me Do you see what I see

Alone With thoughts

There are times when I think out my future and past faults. Inside my head there can be an angel or demon trace through my depth. The passage of time works changes in my mind. Expressions of affection bend my direction. Settle my confusion with clarity and peace. Helping me to escape this disease. Is it good or evil exploring my mind, can't skip this challenge or leave it behind.  No fast forward and no rewind. We are here by design- William Wade August 2018


I see the rapids calling me to a life I've known before. Going back isn't easy but its necessary to move forward. A wave crashes behind me driving me to the shore my inner thoughts gain relief as I pass the outer reef. To get where I want to be I can't be left in the sea. The heavens poor new life on me, lift me up where I should abide. Life is a journey not just a ride. Take steps with intention transcend to a new dimension. Once broke down now flying high, I've been revitalized. - Jared Wade  Sept- 2018   

Ripe before my time 

Ripe before my time now I am old and grey. Didn't ripe before my time thought my time had slipped away. Didn't take the chance I had, thought my chance had gone astray.  Ripe before my time now I am old and grey.  Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Patience is a virtue even if it leads to a bitter end. Patience is a virtue now I am the oldest of my friends. Ripe before my time now old and grey. Didn't ripe before my time thought my time had slipped away. Oh, oh, oh, oh Take your chances as they come but don't get kicked around. youth only comes once no time to fool around. Your life is worth living just get up when you fall down. Didn't take the chance I had, thought my chance had gone astray, ripe before my time now I'm old and grey.  Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah This all there is to say. this verse is at its end our song has slipped away. Hmm Hmm, Hmm - Jared Wade August 2019


It's all been done before there's nothing new under the sun. Trying to be original but this songs

 already been done. Come on lets be creative will turn their heads to make our bread and to lift them up when they're blue. Not quite a cover but something familiar a stolen riff and a borrowed melody meets a bass line from zz top or a rhythm from Muse. It's all been done before there's nothing under the sun. Its' all been done before there's nothing new under the sun it's all been done. Come on let's be original now we can make up something new. Mix up the notes from Mary had a little lamb and even if it sounds like blue's clues. Not quite a nursery rhyme cause we  got this funky rhythm. But something cool and unique with a hook that will get em. There's nothing new under the sun it's all been done before. There's nothing under the sun it's all been done before. There's nothing under the sun it's all been done before. It's all been done.  Jared Wade 2018


Can't sleep, Do you ever get the feeling, when the night time seams dreary, I face it alone in the darkness nobody wants to be a zombie.  Insomnia is killing my mind, the dreams that I dream are going to collide, down inside they are going to collide, can't wake up now have yet to fall a sleep, in flinches I rest for moments at a time, how will I function I can't decide.  Dream on now and steel the show you never know where you will go. Don't fight the rest put down your stress and dream.  These dreams That I dream are going to collide, down inside they are going to collide.  buckle up enjoy the ride.  Dream on now and steel the show you never know where you will go. Enjoy your rest put down your stress and dream.  - Jared Wade 2019


Wait any more

I am tired of sitting back, I just want to move forward. I am tired of holding off, I don't want to wait anymore. Life happens in the interim. Life just moves on going forward stuck waiting and its driving me mad, I don't  want to wait any more. my timing is always off, its timed to settle the score. I don't want to hold back. I don't want to wait any more.  Stuck shifting into 2nd place. My sorrow sinks to my core. I can't stay in second place.  I don't want to wait anymore. Sometimes you have to hold back. Settle for the score. Sometimes you have to sit back. Take the wait and let go of more. I don't want to wait anymore. I don't want to wait anymore. This time i can't hold back. This time means so much more. This time is on track cause I don't want to wait anymore. I don't wan to wait anymore. I don't want to wait anymore. I got a call to stand up, too reign in the chords. I got a call to stand up I don't wait anymore. I don't wait anymore -Jared and William Wade 2018


The road to success is paved with failure to you I may never be enough. Good thing it doesn't matter to me what you think your bully days are through I am done believing you.  This is not going to work on me anymore this is not going to work on me anymore. . The path to enlightenment has grown over. Don't let this wisdom escape your mind. Triggered torn and tattered is no way to go through life. Just remember these few words to help you end your strife. This is not going to work on me any more this is not going to work on me anymore. Resilient is the way to be to live your life more happily Someone else may shame you, Or even call you names their teasing ways may haunt you and pour rain on your parades. Don't let this Garbage bother you here is what you gotta do. say... this is not going to work on me anymore.  -Jared Wade- Sept 2019

Peace be Still

(Peace , Peace be still ringing out in the back ground) Storms of life rain down on me death and pain more then I can see. Destruction and the stress of it all who is going to lift me when I fall.   Down is one of my own this destroyer hits do close to home its personal now but what can I do.  God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things that I cannot accept  and the wisdom to make it happen.  What can I change? I'll just start with me. Te storms rage on but now I see Chaos maybe all around but silent peace is the only sound I feel inside.  - Jared Wade 2018

My Insanity

Tick Tock goes my insanity. My veins pulsating with in me. Is someone else steering my life wheel who's to tell whats fake or real. its like making choices Blindfolded solving the mystery of what's unfolded a deep seance of emptiness fills a my darkened mind, trying to find a normal in me as the shadows chase me. Aware of the stares giving off dirty glares. My illness is hidden inside of me. Tying knots of lucid tales. Visions of an unseen world fill my mind so frail. Life is so intense and it plagues me still.   

Tick tock goes my anxiety, chaos fills me with despair, my mind is attacked inside of me with visions of things that are not there. This reality is not seen publicly but a personal witness of things that I feel.  Peace washes over me and illuminates my mind.  Now is the time I take the wheel choose my path that's how I feel. Void so deep an I am so small do i let it control my mind and watch it fall? This battle for my soul is living all around that doesn't mean it isn't real a raging fight for my survival with demons nipping at my heel. 

Tick tock goes of internally telling me now is the time. My choice is to plan accordingly live my lie simple and clear. Impulses restrained and my mind framed orderly. to help me see what is there. 

Tick tock enjoy the life you live, time is running spare. You never know when it will end, use every minute that you can. Control your-self because that's all you should. My heart is intact and I will find an open field. - William Wade 2014


Capturing moment after moment retracing steps to see if I could have saved a life. I should have known, I don't have control. What would they be if they still breathed? My heart is like a broken record wanting to repeat the last track. Relive the days when you were here but I know there's no going back. I seek answers where have I been? I travel through my thoughts, wish there was a cure for faded memories. Drifting off now feel their moments pass into me. As I question my sanity something tells me , some memories are meant to be forgotten and some are meant for more. This poison in me is only permanent if I let it grow. Love is the answer. - William Wade Sept- 2019

One Track Mind

I've got a one track mind, I try t leave it behind get stuck on replay, know what I am trying to find. Always looking for the love I need can't get enough by conventional means, Turn of my mind kill the dreams I won't find it here this affection I need. Plead for help to fill this void I can't do this on my own they speak of relief they speak of joy sometimes life hurts feelings I can' t avoid. I don't see it now but in time I'll enjoy another piece of this rhyme. despite feelings I embrace the day with gratitude cease from giving pain and being rude. Build up another don't drag them down, so build up each other and stick around. Maybe you could lay tracks in a new smooth sound. Lift up a friend when they are down. You gotta feel what you gotta feel just know when to put it down. Get off the ground don't wallow and drown. Help us carry this beat to the next town. - Jared Sept- 2019

Dive Ocean

Two steps away from the ledge help me hedge my emotions. Calming the storm inside feels like controlling the tide with breaks of wind trying to fit in. A passing breeze from the wind swept seas fills my breath with peaceful air. I am relieved to know you care. Into the horizon I stare. As the sun meets the ocean I feel forever inside me and this perspective adds devotion. -August 2018 William and Jared Wade

Cataclysm in my mind

Cataclysm in my mind, Cataclysm bending time Listening to the soft breaks of the wind speak energy into my thoughts. I race and wonder what is it a curse or something else.  Scatter my demons away from me. Vow a road to somewhere safe. My night tears bring me down. In a world of trial tribulations pay off. With many temptations at me it isn't hared to slip off. My eyes feel unknown to this world, I recognize love in glimpses, they help me thrive. Cataclysm in my mind, for all the friends who left us behind. You didn't know we had the time. Why did you leave us behind? Please stick out this ride, time is on our side. Life will turn out fine it's just going to take some time.   

Perception is Reality

Perception is reality My perception and mind don't agree a grand web of lies this matrix I live in. The truth is buried deep down in. If I told you what I see you may not agree but never the less it's real to me. I can see it feel it and taste it too It's real to me though its not true. My demons find me wherever I go lurking in the dark and hiding in the shadows. Please tell me it will be alright there's nothing  there as you hold me tight. Some day I'll be rid of this but for now please don't dismiss me. - August 2019 William and Jared Wade


We're dancing with the darkness whole life

Our eyes wide open towards the light

But even though we'd love to enjoy some lightness

We're trembling in fear each time sunrise dyes horizon bright

We're staring at the heaven whole life

Arms stretching towards the star

But even though we adore it so much

We're scared of its light on our skin and hide

Since early days

Torn and hit

Used to pain, suffering and rage

Since early days

Abused and brainwashed

That there's no green in a blooming meadow

Sadistic pleasure in ruler's eyes

About our masochistic torment

Though we feel that denied part inside

When there's nothing but regrets

In our frozen time's scapes

Because it's so easy to dance with the darkness

Letting flow of happenings create our fate

So hard it is to be that light

Observed and envied by everyone

Hated for being strong...

/Lisa Poetsland (Laima Gulbe)/

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