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MHM for Artists

MHM= Mad Hatter Music Inc. Mental health Music, Mother's Healing Music

Misfits Healthy Music, You get the idea.. Music is Healing Magic

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Escaping the trap of normalcy

Some interesting thoughts about lyric and song writing. In popular culture some songs are formatted with hypnosis in mind. Be it to sell popular personal jets to an ever growing millionaire class "like a G6" or to sell a particular brand of malt liquor "Brass Monkey". Or to direct popular culture toward a specific end desired by the songs promoters.  No vehicle is as powerful as music for driving understanding to others! So as song writers, creators and designers we have a sacred charge to be cognitive as to the message we are sending out into the world. I am of the opinion that we are accountable for the inspiration we give others. So what message do you want to send ? 

My personal goals for songs I write. 

*     Inspire thought

*     Use rhythm and repetition to send building blocks / hope

*     keep it simple, cacophony is bad

*     short sweet and to the point  


links show process of the first compilation

The Project progress that has grown  from these Summits is seen under the  Album 22 heading or found at 

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