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Our Story

We invite you to be part of this musical revolution

An Idea Is Born

" In my youth, I worked with a friend's band to help write songs. I had had formal music training through school since before junior high and for three hours a day in middle school . Music was my passion. One morning I couldn't recall anything about music. It had vanished in the night and while I still enjoyed it , I was left out, scales and keys were all non-sense to me. and my music writing dried up quickly. I had experiences of being connected to things at times but for the most part it was gone. - Jared

Then in August of 2018 William and Jared began working on music as a form of therapy. William needed to find an avenue of expression to help him deal with his Schizoaffective (Schizophrenia and bi-polar) disorder. As they started in music Jared was diagnosed with PTSD from childhood trauma. Will and Jared wrote songs to help them gain perspective and grow from their pain.

The writing continued and they were joined by a friend. The group organized a set and in September of 2019 played at a suicide awareness walk. Then in October of 2019 Andrew Swindell (New Management) stepped in to record what we were writing. Noir Dream was born.

Receiving counseling had awakened Will, Jared and Andrew to whom they are and this work they do with and "This is our life purpose, to use and find and promote and create music that lifts the hands that hang down. to cheer the broken and mend their hearts. Music is a universal language that unites us as one human race. We are here to bring hope, healing, education and understanding."

The 5 song Demo was released in time for Covid to hit. Then a single "De-oppression". A full length 12 song (+ intro) LP called "Down the Rabbit Hole" another single "Re-Programe" as part of the Album 22 project that became and Within, soon to be released another single Harmony2:29


Mad Hatter Music Inc. is the officially incorporated 501c3 that has the duty to carry out our dream, which is to bring a spotlight to musicians who support positive healing music, awareness for suicide prevention and understanding for mental health issues. We are here to bring hope, healing, education and understanding with music.


By sharing the music with educational presentations  at events we aim to educate and entertain. By bringing recording artists together to host sponsored events that benefit a local boots on the ground charity that benefits mental health issues or works to prevent/ assist with suicide issues we hope to impact our local communities..

Friends call and find real help for the people they love. Music is a powerful tool for bringing hope. By combining this powerful tool with a tool bag of useful skills to assist our friends and family members everybody wins.   


X- Day is a Portland, OR area band that has a personal connection to the cause. They were early supporters of our efforts to build a community of artists intent on lifting others. 


Brothers William and Jared Wade are the promotion side of Mad Hatter Music.  "Noir Dream" is the band where they share their poetry. 

Local music, Mental Health Education, Local artists and other music inspired craft workers.  

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